SharePoint Slump

Check out the graph from Indeed trends.  Sharepoint job openings / needs are at their lowest point since 2008.  There are several ways to interpret the chart.  It could mean that: 1) we’ve reached sharepoint saturation and business are happily using it with loyal and skillful administrators/developers to keep it running  OR 2) SharepPoint is … Continue reading SharePoint Slump

Social Strategy Services for Oracle WebCenter

 The BloomThink social strategy services for Oracle customers help to bridge the gap between internal collaboration managed by Oracle WebCenter and external engagement manged by 3rd party social software like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.  Click on the image to download the brochure or just get it here (PDF). Contact BloomThink for a quote.

WCM Can Learn From Google+

The editing experience of Google Plus is fantastic.  They have achieved a degree of ease and granularity that WCM systems have been struggling and failing to achieve for years. First, at its core, Google+ is WCM – web content management.  It is the place for you to build your personal brand and promote content and … Continue reading WCM Can Learn From Google+

Oracle WebCenter 11g Cookbook Review

I was pleased to have been invited by Packt to review the new Oracle WebCenter 11g PS3 Administration Cookbook By Yannick Ongena.  You can see my initial book review here.  Now, Oracle Open World 2011 is finished.  There were plenty of new WebCenter announcements and tutorials.  Author Yannick Ongena was present to lead a practical … Continue reading Oracle WebCenter 11g Cookbook Review

Oracle WebCenter Changes Product Names Again

UPDATE: Oracle’s Director of Product Management, Michelle Huff confirmed via Twitter that WebCenter Social Network IS WebCenter Social WAS WebCenter Connect.  New look.  Same innovative product.  Right Now there is very little documentation on how Social’s architecture marries up with the rest of the WebCenter stack.  There is this whitepaper that suggests it uses a … Continue reading Oracle WebCenter Changes Product Names Again