BloomThink Consists of BloomThink Tutoring and BloomThink Marketing Strategy


Call 952 217 3092 for BloomThink Tutoring            Call 612 205 3762 for BloomThink Marketing

BloomThink Tutoring is a full service academic and mentoring team within BloomThink.  BloomThink Tutoring provides one-on-one, seminar and keynote speaking services.  We have specialists in ACT test tutoring and study skills for high school students.  We have specialists in safe social media and technology training for employees as well as entertaining and informative keynote speakers.  Contact us today for availability and booking.

BloomThink Marketing Strategy is a marketing team with a B2B growth marketing focus.  We provide contract CMO services as well as project based growth hacking strategy, social business strategy and brand amplification consulting.

2 Responses to “Home”

  1. I have followed your work over the last decade and without a doubt you are a leader in the e2.0 marketing and technology space. I am glad to have found your blog. If you are a visitor to this blog or are interested in working with Billy I highly recommend him.

  2. I am from Japan and saw your writing in the web. Very helpful. See what we can do in the future collaboration in business.

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