Your Registration Forms Suck

A recent article on UXMovement outlined 8 reasons why people don’t fill out those sign up forms on a website, Facebook page or inside your app.  The reasons were what you might expect: fear of getting spammed, fear of insecure data storage or transfer, asking for information that users feel they shouldn’t need to give … Continue reading Your Registration Forms Suck

The Social Media Shift

Here is a presentation I gave at the Rotary Club District Conference Yesterday.  The crowd was very receptive and laughed at all the right spots which is always good. Please contact me if you’d like me to present this to your team, company or club. The notes section contains speaking notes, references and image citations. … Continue reading The Social Media Shift

Tapping The Expert In All Of Us

Gartner says that a social business is one that provides “sustained value” through pulling together “talent, interests, experience, insights and knowledge”. But buried underneath this advice are requirements that must be uncovered if businesses have any hope of putting it to work. We talked about talent and interests before. Let’s take a brief look at … Continue reading Tapping The Expert In All Of Us

5 Reasons QR Codes TOP NFC and Image Recognition

QR codes, those blocky squares of encoded information, have received a drubbing in the media lately.  This is due to an appalling failure of businesses to use them correctly and a lack of design creativity that is simply lazy. Flying to speak to a conference in San Francisco earlier this week I counted 21 QR … Continue reading 5 Reasons QR Codes TOP NFC and Image Recognition

3 Lessons From Love for Social Business

  As Spring enters and we remember Valentine’s Day, love is still in the air.  Philosophers and poets have theorized about what it means to be human and to love.  They have defined community, explained empathy and descried the connections we have with each other when we’re in love.  These days it is often social … Continue reading 3 Lessons From Love for Social Business