AIIM Social Business Conference

Aiim Social Business Conference
Aiim Social Business Conference

I’m speaking about the mobile shift in AIIMs upcoming Social Business Conference.   If you have not yet signed up, you should.  There is a host of simply amazing presenters – experts, mavens, thought-leaders all.  Drop a comment if you want to know how to get a $20 discount.  I’m not paid, the funds to AIIM who can continue to bring awesome research, conferences and best-practices to you.

AIIM: What are you going to speak about at the Social Business virtual conference Sept 8th? 

Billy: My presentation is called, “Why Go Mobile? Am I Cool Enough?”  I will be speaking all about how the mobile shift affects information management.  This is one of the biggest technology shifts since the dawn of the internet.  For example, nearly 75% of the world(!) have a cell phone and over 1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”!) people have a smart phone.  That means people from all over the world are engaging with your content via the computer in their pocket.
AIIM: Do you have any examples of implementations or case studies?

Billy: Yep!  There are a ton of examples from the real world of both successes and failures.  This keeps it interesting so we can see what’s good and also how to learn from the failure of others.
AIIM: What will the attendees learn from your presentation?

Billy: Attendees should come away with three key learnings: 1) the magnitude of the mobile shift 2) the three pillars of a solid mobile strategy 3) ideas for how to start right away.  The great news is that the mobile shift is technology agnostic.  Without giving too much away, the core of the mobile shift is a change in the ways people consume content.  It’s less about Apple vs. Android or HTML5 vs Native apps.  Those are valid considerations but they are not the primary considerations.

AIIM: How long would you say have been involved with social media and mobility from a business perspective?

Billy: I’ve been working in information management and social media since 1999.  Of course social media has gone through many changes since then but the core ideas of bringing together people, process and information has remained the same. While mobile web sites have existed for some time (remember HTML card layouts and WAP / WML templates?) the bandwidth and browser limitations of early cell phones and PDAs have largely been removed.  But our goals are still the same – we want information at our point of decision and our point of need.  We don’t want to read and remember.  We want to access and consume – now.  This is the most exciting change that I have been tracking and architecting recently.  I’m excited to be a part of the AIIM Social Business Conference and hope to see many others there too!

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