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Creativity and Collaboration

There is an unseemly hubris in content and collaboration software. It is the assumption that knowledge and innovation can come out of them.  As if our companies were some sort of orange to be squeezed into a pitcher and served up as a healthy and tasty accompaniment to breakfast.  The trend has a long history […]

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Trendspotting 2013

2012 is gone and there are plenty of entertaining and profound retrospectives from Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 to your very own Facebook year in review. But it is much more interesting to look ahead and anticipate where the market will go based on the trajectory established in late 2012.  Therefore we have performed some deep textual […]

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2012 Trends in ECM

2012 is well upon us. But where is the world of enterprise content management technology headed? See what the experts say…

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Social Changes Everything About Workflow

Social media and cloud ECMs are changing business process. They let the humans be human and simply make content easily available. Billy Cripe and BloomThink explain how…

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Evolution in CM – Cloud CM is Agile’s Disruption of Dinosaur Enterprise Content Management

This article originally appeared on CMSWire.  There is an evolution happening in the world of content management.  The giant platform systems that have worked to consolidate every functional permutation into one program are simply too big.  They have so much computational flexibility and capability that they have become unwieldy.  After all, massive flexibility is not […]

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UPDATE: WIN for Content – Why ECM Must Pay Attention to Online Music’s Legal Worries

UPDATE: Great news on the online file locker front.  MP3Tunes wins their case against EMI and the music industry.  The case revolved largely around deduplication and hash based file fingerprinting for single instancing of content.  The case has implications for online video distribution and B2C cloud content management systems like Dropbox, box net and others.  […]

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Mobile is Now

Presentation from the Space150 team.  Mobile devices are how people engage with information online.  Is your business assuming online engagement starts at a desk?  If so, you’re wrong.

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UPDATE: Oracle’s FatWire Acquisition Round Up

========= UPDATE =============== This is a response to Laurence Hart’s commentary on Word of Pie blog that may be found here. I think that the WEM and widget capabilities of FatWire complement (read: fill the gaps) the in the ECM / WebCenter stack.  Oracle’s story around how to do that natively was much more about […]

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Mobility in the Enterprise

This is a presentation I gave at the Collaborate 2011 conference while working as the VP of Marketing for Oracle Partner Fishbowl Solutions.  Trouble viewing – click here.

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