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The Top 4 Key Concepts Driving Digital Transformation

Organizations from large enterprises to one-man shops are in the midst of a digital transformation.  Some gladly embrace the change. Others resist while still more are so busy keeping up with demand and duty that they risk missing it all together. Nevertheless, it is happening and business leaders need to know what is happening and […]

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Trendspotting 2013

2012 is gone and there are plenty of entertaining and profound retrospectives from Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 to your very own Facebook year in review. But it is much more interesting to look ahead and anticipate where the market will go based on the trajectory established in late 2012.  Therefore we have performed some deep textual […]

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Your Registration Forms Suck

A recent article on UXMovement outlined 8 reasons why people don’t fill out those sign up forms on a website, Facebook page or inside your app.  The reasons were what you might expect: fear of getting spammed, fear of insecure data storage or transfer, asking for information that users feel they shouldn’t need to give […]

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Tapping The Expert In All Of Us

Gartner says that a social business is one that provides “sustained value” through pulling together “talent, interests, experience, insights and knowledge”. But buried underneath this advice are requirements that must be uncovered if businesses have any hope of putting it to work. We talked about talent and interests before. Let’s take a brief look at […]

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5 Reasons QR Codes TOP NFC and Image Recognition

QR codes, those blocky squares of encoded information, have received a drubbing in the media lately.  This is due to an appalling failure of businesses to use them correctly and a lack of design creativity that is simply lazy. Flying to speak to a conference in San Francisco earlier this week I counted 21 QR […]

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2012 Trends in ECM

2012 is well upon us. But where is the world of enterprise content management technology headed? See what the experts say…

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Social Changes Everything About Workflow

Social media and cloud ECMs are changing business process. They let the humans be human and simply make content easily available. Billy Cripe and BloomThink explain how…

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They’re Watching You. Social Media And Competitive Intelligence

While social media is all the rage for customer engagement and advertising it is also a treasure trove of competitive intelligence. A November study by McKinsey Global found that companies are slowly but steadily increasing their use of social media technologies and social business practices. The most common activities were – Scanning the external social […]

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Trend Poll: What Is Your Pick For The Next Big Thing In Information Management?

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