How To Align Business Executives and IT Strategists Along A Shared Vision

InfographicThumbnail-WhatInfoProsCareAboutInformation professionals are at the core of the digital transformation. Business leaders are increasingly relying on them to help define strategy and chart the course for the unrelenting progression of the digital transformation.

We outlined before how Scott Brinker of the ChiefMarTec blog and featured speaker at the forthcoming ConnectIT conference has written an eBook on the digital transformation and its impact on marketing. But it is not just marketing technology wonks that are chiming in.

Giovanni Piazza, head of information and knowledge management of Johnson & Johnson has distilled the transformation and unlocked the value of enterprise information. He will explain how at the ConnectIT conference (save $300 by registering here). Suzanne Carson of Philips Healthcare explains how they cracked the enterprise mobility challenge with BYOD, tablets and an “access anywhere” mentality. Others have figured out how to tap into predictive analytics and behavioral patterns to reduce customer churn.  They will each, along with Seth Earley and a host of other enterprise heavy hitters will be sharing their insider information with attendees at the ConnectIT conference.

This is the one conference you must attend to engage with IT leaders who “get” business technology and Business executives who have successfully tapped into the power and promise of information IT.

Meanwhile industry experts and analysts from Forrester, Gartner and IDC dig deep to uncover the trends and leaders in digital transformation across retail, manufacturing, collaboration and cloud sectors. Each of these speakers (and others) are gathering to share their experience and expertise at the ConnectIT conference in Greenwich, CT May 13-14.

Take insight and drive it to action. That is what business leaders do. The ConnectIT conference in Greenwich, CT May 13-14 is where business leaders go to compare notes, engage analysts and confirm their strategy. You can go and Earley & Associates will give you the VIP treatment with $300 off the conference cost. That’s like getting airfare for free. Either way, they’d love to meet with you there even as you meet with other leaders on the pathway to the digital transformation.  If you can’t make it to the conference, click the link to access the decision maker’s library and the other resources that Earley & Associates have assembled to help you through the coming shift.

pinterestThumbnailAs an added treat for those of you headed to Greenwich, CT May 13 – 14, we’ve assembled a neat Pinterest board of things to do while at the conference. From restaurants to museums to a local micro-brew festival, you’ll be able to make your own great connections through our shared digital transformation. Click Here for the Pinterest Board or search for “What To Do At Connect IT”

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