Fall 2013 Job Trends Show Focus On Maintaining Existing Business Rather Than Growing New Business

8553474140_21d87df062_hHacking hiring data is a fun hobby.  The trends show activities and may (sometimes) indicate where we’re headed.  Either way, understanding what businesses are looking for gives some insight into what their collaboration and social business needs are (or will be).

Looking at the top job titles for the top industries according to Indeed Trends shows that business is focused on keeping things running and running a tight ship rather than expanding into new frontiers.

Remember these are just trends and only my personal interpretation so check out Indeed Trends and other sites and let me know what you conclude!

According to Indeed, the top industries by job postings and their most sought title are

Without exception, these tend to be lower level positions that are responsible for keeping operations humming.  They could indicate that there is more demand and therefore more need to keep larger operations humming, but other economic data on slow growth and soft consumer demand seems to counterbalance such an interpretation.

The impact for social business should not be ignored.  An influx of entry or junior level employees will almost certainly be Millennial generation.  There is a heightened need to get these employees access to the institutional knowledge quickly so they can become productive quickly.  That means social business tools and enterprise collaboration systems.

Make sure you have a strategy in place to promote just-in-time-information, self-leaning and employee enablement.  There are lots of them and your business needs them to be successful on day Zero!

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