Social Web Intelligence Framework and Tactics

Businesses desire to augment and amplify their competitive intelligence capability by integrating information from social, web and other publicly available sources. They seeks to develop an internal competency program around the discipline of web intelligence. This program has the goal of producing actionable intelligence using available web, deep web[1], social media and darknet[2] information.

To this extent, BloomThink has created the Social Web Intelligence Framework and Tactics (SWIFT) Program. BloomThink’s SWIFT Program is a uniquely designed business process and method for capturing, categorizing, analyzing and reporting on vast amounts of disparate unstructured data. This program and framework, as well as related technologies, are designed to be deployed as in-house solutions.



The emphasis of the SWIFT Program is the structured and deliberate synthesis of targeted intelligence and contextual intelligence. Built on commercially available technology and leveraging your organization’s existing resources, targeted intelligence is developed through intentional and focused search across available web, deep web, social media and darknet collection vectors. Contextual intelligence is collected through the implementation and monitoring of social listening and alerting technologies then stored in the SWIFT platform. The SWIFT Program guides practitioners through the steps to collect, categorize, synthesize, analyze data and then deliver meaningful, actionable intelligence in easy to read and evaluate templates. Templates for regular intelligence reporting, on-demand profile development and ad hoc threat assessment are included as part of the program.

Your organization’s SWIFT Program practitioners are educated through a program of training modules, simulated and real-world practicum delivered by BloomThink. SWIFT Program pulsing and assistance is provided on a quarterly basis and/or as needed.

The SWIFT Program covers the following four phases

  1. Listen and Gather – passive signal awareness and directed signal search
  2. Filter and Categorize – signal discrimination and information grouping
  3. Synthesize and Analyze – find the connective tissues between signals and determine impact
  4. Report and Act – Format the most relevant analysis and supporting facts in actionable reports

BloomThink’s approach to the Social Web Intelligence Framework and Tactics Program is to maximize technology investments that your organization has already made. For this reason, an inventory of available and recommended technology is performed at the start of the engagement. Organizational investments in items like journal subscriptions, LexisNexis, WestLaw, industry-specific content, commercial listening platforms, network analysis tools and data visualization software are important to understand from the outset. BloomThink comes prepared with a host of free or freemium technologies (some listed below as examples) that may be used for the duration of your organization’s SWIFT Program.

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[1] The term “deep web” refers to world wide web locations not currently indexed by the most common search engines.

[2] The term “darknet” refers to anonymous, non-commercial or generally unknown web communications and technologies such as P2P file sharing.

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