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Red Clouds - Oracle Red Stack in the Cloud by BloomThink
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It is Oracle Open World 2012 and this year the theme is cloud.  There are the obligatory 12″c” (the c is for cloud) release announcements.  There are the staggering statistics (10,000 Oracle Cloud customers already).  At Oracle Open World 2012, the cloud is red.

Over the last year Oracle has acquired no fewer than 5 cloud companies (and their customers!) and there is a reasonable argument that at least 3 more of the last year’s acquisitions at least play in the cloud.  Oracle would have us believe that they are the defacto leader in the cloud space and have always been there.

While there is certainly geek credibility to the cloud technology Oracle has acquired, their claim to the lofty king of the cloud crown they covet is a bit premature.

Oracle must prove that they’re doing more than following trends and buying market share by gaining new native cloud customers and addressing specific business challenges in uniquely cloudy ways.  If there is no net benefit to using Oracle’s HCM in the cloud, crowing about it lacks impact.  It’s like being excited you rent midsize cars from Avis now instead of Hertz.  Yawn.

R Ray Wang Tweets About The Cloud image captured by BloomThinkPartners can take advantage of the wealth of techno-api-gadgetry that all falls under the Oracle Red Cloud Stack now and build some truly amazing business solutions.  But it is still a bit early to see those taking hold in the market place.

R Ray Wang of Constellation Research has been tweeting up a storm and has this forward looking statement about the cloud, “MyPOV: Prediction: enter the cloud suites. we’ll have made the Cloud Best of Breed hell to Cloud suite journey by 2015”  Right now it is my POV that Oracle has gathered some of the best of breed capabilities under one corporate banner, but we’re still a long way away from a suite.  After all, a collection of rooms spread out across different geographies, in different styles and with little coordinated “flow” between them does not a suite make.  This is why I believe it is up to the developers and partners to spur outcomes.

It is the focus on outcomes, not “stacks”, not “solutions”, not brochure ware.  So keep an eye out for outcomes…from partners…that use part or all of the Oracle Something-as-a-Service.  Meanwhile, contact BloomThink for help with your social business strategy.

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