HP to Buy Autonomy

Big Fish Eats Small FishBack in the day there were core ECM vendors. Then they started getting snapped up by big firms that correctly saw ECM as an important addition to their technology stacks.

Round 1 looked something like this (not necessarily complete):  Documentum went to EMC, Interwoven went to Autonomy, Day went to Adobe, Stellent went to Oracle, FileNet went to IBM, Vignette  Hummingbird and Red Dot went to OpenText.

Now Round 2 is in full swing.  Fatwire went to Oracle recently and now HP announces a double deuce with their intent to acquire Autonomy AND spin off their PC business.

The pundits will be out soon but here is a round up of the announcements:

Bloomberg analysis of the PC spin off and Autonomy acquisition

ZD Net take on the acquisition and doubling down on software and services

Techcrunch with more thoughts on why Autonomy

SiliconRepublic looks at Autonomy’s Irish roots


stay tuned!