BloomThink Tutoring

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BloomThink Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring in ACT, study skills and other test preparation for students.


BloomThink Tutoring is led by Kellie Cripe who holds an M.A. in Communications from Northern Illinois University.  Kellie has over 12 years experience in teaching and tutoring across ages and abilities.

ACT Tutoring 

The BloomThink Tutoring approach covers test preparation and test taking techniques as well as subject/topic review and remedial instruction.

Students receive an individualized practice plan based on their specific strengths, diagnostic testing and college goals.  Each plan is designed to achieve the best possible individual results across each section of the test; working from the student’s current strengths and through improving their test taking skills.

Students work one-on-one with a tutor to learn the best test strategies for each section.  The tutor reviews past actual ACT material with the student, helping them learn to spot patterns for both correct and incorrect answers.   A typical student will complete eight full practice tests over the course of tutoring.  Many students go on to achieve a several point bump across all areas of their test and their ACT composite.

Study Skills Tutoring 

The BloomThink Tutoring approach covers general study skills,  test taking techniques and establishes good strategies for success in high school and college.

Students work one-on-one with a tutor to learn the best strategies for their unique learning style.  Students learn and develop excellent study skills such as: time management, organization, advanced planning, note taking, textbook study strategies and  testing strategies.  These skills help the student establish good habits  that last through high school and college and set them up for success in all they do beyond school.

Contact Us 

Classes and group rates also available by request.  Contact Kellie Cripe at to set up your first session today.

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