BloomThink Tutoring

BloomThink Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring in ACT, PSAT and study skills for students. I also offer college selection and application support services.

BloomThink Tutoring is led by Kellie Cripe who holds an M.A. in Communications from Northern Illinois University.  Kellie has over 20 years experience in teaching and tutoring across ages and abilities.

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ACT/PSAT/SAT Tutoring 

The BloomThink Tutoring approach covers test preparation and test taking techniques as well as subject/topic review and remedial instruction. Students receive an individualized practice plan based on their specific strengths, diagnostic testing and college goals.  Each plan is designed to achieve the best possible individual results across each section of the test; working from the student’s current strengths and through improving their test taking skills across all sections.

Students work one-on-one with me to learn the best test strategies for each section. I review past actual material with the student, helping them learn to spot patterns for both correct and incorrect answers.  A typical student will complete six to eight full practice tests over the course of tutoring.

 Many students go on to achieve a several point bump across all areas of their test. Students have gone on to prestigious universities: West Point, Naval Academy, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Chapel Hill, and Notre Dame. Many students have gone on to favorite local universities, often with high merit packages: Carlson School of Business, UW Madison, Carleton, St. Thomas, NDSU, Iowa State, among many others nation wide.

Investment: $120 per hour in person/$100 online. Recommended 6-8 hours of tutoring with homework. See my ACT tutoring FAQ for more details.

College Services

BloomThink Tutoring offers college admission counseling and support. We assist with establishing a list of the best schools to apply to, finding merit scholarships, college essays, the application process and final college selection .See my college FAQ for more details.

Investment: $120 per hour in person/$100 online. Packages start at $500

Study Skills / ADHD Support

BloomThink Tutoring offers support for students with ADD/ADHD, organizational, time management, or motivation challenges. Together, we work to identify weak and strong areas and create a weekly and monthly plan and class by class plan. Focusing first on organization and actually handing in deliverables. Moving on to time management, paper/digital resource organization, and breaking big assignments into smaller chunks. Recommended weekly for first 6 weeks then can transition to monthly or bi-monthly support.

Reading Comprehension

For students with reading comprehension, working memory, or dyslexia: we will work to identify first where the challenge is coming from, identify weaknesses and strengths, start a gentle but successful program to work up to daily reading. We focus on chunking, summarizing, subvocalization, vocabulary, and fluency. Many students who work with me see drastic improvements in overall comprehension, fluency, and above all confidence and enjoyment of reading.

Investment: $120 in person/ $100 online

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