SharePoint Slump

SharePoint SlumpCheck out the graph from Indeed trends.  Sharepoint job openings / needs are at their lowest point since 2008.  There are several ways to interpret the chart.  It could mean that:

1) we’ve reached sharepoint saturation and business are happily using it with loyal and skillful administrators/developers to keep it running  OR

2) SharepPoint is cratering due to 2013/365/Azure missteps and an inability to tap into the actual working model for enterprise collaboration (as opposed to the volume sales/give-away model that got it installed).

What do you think?  Does the precipitous drop in demand for sharepoint skills mean that everyone is happily collaborating or that it is gathering dust?

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2012 Trends in ECM

Burning Man from Hector Santizo via Behance
photo from Hector Santizo via Behance

Here are some links to predictions about ECM trends for 2012.  Which are likely?  Which are bunk?

Reliving 2006?  Maybe –

The view from EMC – some seriously inverted predictions here – about what you’d expect from EMC

Nails mobile, cloud & open source.  Overly optimistic on CMIS

A good explanation but not sure if these are trends or just market analysis.  In 2 parts. Part 1:  Part 2:

Predictions in a trade show brief.  Well Tapping trends is how they drive attendance so their livelihood is tied more closely to being right.  Pay attention:

Simplicity for the win:

These are all fun reading but the last one has my vote.  Simplicity reigns as the overbloated ECM suites struggle with adoption and realization of all their promises.

Remember that Simplicity Raises Adoption.  Adoption Boosts Consistency.  Consistency Achieves ROI.