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Creativity and Collaboration

There is an unseemly hubris in content and collaboration software. It is the assumption that knowledge and innovation can come out of them.  As if our companies were some sort of orange to be squeezed into a pitcher and served up as a healthy and tasty accompaniment to breakfast.  The trend has a long history […]

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Why Your Company Wont Adopt Social Business Technology

There are those who claim “email is dead”, “search is dead”, “ECM is dead”  and so on.  I’ve been guilty of that too.  We’re right but it doesn’t matter.  Technology is always superseded by better, faster, more disruptive technology.  But few businesses are in the business of spending money on the latest and greatest tech. We can […]

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Social Changes Everything About Workflow

Social media and cloud ECMs are changing business process. They let the humans be human and simply make content easily available. Billy Cripe and BloomThink explain how…

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