Trendspotting 2013

2012 is gone and there are plenty of entertaining and profound retrospectives from Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 to your very own Facebook year in review. But it is much more interesting to look ahead and anticipate where the market will go based on the trajectory established in late 2012.  Therefore we have performed some deep textual … Continue reading Trendspotting 2013

The Value of a Single Social Recommendation

Figuring out the real, dollars and cents value of social media is still a daunting challenge for most businesses.  There are ROI calculators that deduct the cost of electronic self-service from the cost of sales.  There are whitepapers and blog posts and whispered promises by sales people at the end of their fiscal quarter.  But … Continue reading The Value of a Single Social Recommendation

Social Competitive Intelligence

The flip side of all the advances is social media marketing is a substantial increase in competitive intelligence capability. First 3 facts for foundation: 1) It should be clear by now that social media is not a technology fad.  It’s not just about Facebook or Twitter.  Otherwise we’d see those technologies leading the social adoption … Continue reading Social Competitive Intelligence

The Red Cloud

It is Oracle Open World 2012 and this year the theme is cloud.  There are the obligatory 12″c” (the c is for cloud) release announcements.  There are the staggering statistics (10,000 Oracle Cloud customers already).  At Oracle Open World 2012, the cloud is red. Over the last year Oracle has acquired no fewer than 5 … Continue reading The Red Cloud

3 Steps To Great Content Marketing

Content marketing is an absolutely immense topic.  It can span everything from social media to traditional print and mass media and even event marketing. Great content marketing is a grind.  Doing it well requires patience, persistence & productivity. To me and my BloomThink customers, content marketing means giving away high quality information, insight & tools … Continue reading 3 Steps To Great Content Marketing

The Accidental History of Hadoop

There are two very different types of collaboration; Intentional and Accidental.  Intentional collaboration is focused by a defined team with a shared purpose.  Interactions are marked by introductions, updates, “take a look at this”, “please review…” etc.  Most “collaboration” technology fits this category.  It is boring, line cook kitchen model collaboration.  Read the recipe. Gather … Continue reading The Accidental History of Hadoop

5 Must Have Steps To Combine Big Data and Collaboration

This is not a fluffy-puff collaboration article.  You won’t read about team unity, the importance of open and honest dialogue or flattened org charts.  This is about big data.  This is about the 5 steps you must take if you hope to tap the power of big data and use it drive fundamental improvements in … Continue reading 5 Must Have Steps To Combine Big Data and Collaboration

Oracle’s Summer of Social

For each of the last 3 months database behemoth Oracle has been on a Social Media acquisition spree.  In May, they acquired Vitrue.  Then in June it was Collective Intellect.  Now in July it is Involver. The General Presentation [PDF Warning] is worth a look. The big question is whether this represents 1) a real … Continue reading Oracle’s Summer of Social

Social Listening vs Traditional Marketing – Understanding The Oracle Acquisition of Collective Intellect

In the world of impulse consumerism you can attempt to stay top of mind through saturation marketing (expensive) or you can compel a transaction with artificial limits on deals, quantities or geographies (difficult) or you can become top of mind by entering with a splash at the right time (data-intensive). The first approach is the … Continue reading Social Listening vs Traditional Marketing – Understanding The Oracle Acquisition of Collective Intellect

Social Strategy Services for Oracle WebCenter

 The BloomThink social strategy services for Oracle customers help to bridge the gap between internal collaboration managed by Oracle WebCenter and external engagement manged by 3rd party social software like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.  Click on the image to download the brochure or just get it here (PDF). Contact BloomThink for a quote.