The Next Generation of Internet Users

Demographic shifts are important to understand.  They impact buying behavior, social viewpoints and define market needs.  The Baby Boom generation was huge in America – Nearly 72 million.  That generation is now retiring and getting older.  As they do, they are driving much of the debate around health care in the USA.  The next generation, Generation X was one of the smallest in US History.  They gave us grunge music and the early internet.  The Millenials are currently the largest generation in American History; with approximately 78 million members.  They’re in workforce now and will continue to do so for another 7-10 years.

But what comes next?  And not just in America, but in the world?

Check out this fantastic infographic from outlining the next BILLION internet users.

The results may surprise you.  Plan accordingly

The Next Billion Internet Users: What Will They Look Like?

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