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Infographic – Social Media Image Sizing Guide

 Click the image for the full size PDF social media sizing guide.  All new for 2014. Social media changes and improves with age.  Recently Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all updated their layout and image handling capabilities.  Now you can have larger, higher resolution and more adaptive images on your pages and profiles.  But […]

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How To Align Business Executives and IT Strategists Along A Shared Vision

Information professionals are at the core of the digital transformation. Business leaders are increasingly relying on them to help define strategy and chart the course for the unrelenting progression of the digital transformation. We outlined before how Scott Brinker of the ChiefMarTec blog and featured speaker at the forthcoming ConnectIT conference has written an eBook […]

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The Top 4 Key Concepts Driving Digital Transformation

Organizations from large enterprises to one-man shops are in the midst of a digital transformation.  Some gladly embrace the change. Others resist while still more are so busy keeping up with demand and duty that they risk missing it all together. Nevertheless, it is happening and business leaders need to know what is happening and […]

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Answering the ‘So What’ Question

Blending BI and Social Competitive Intelligence for deep insight into your business. Business intelligence tells you what happened at work. Good business intelligence tells you what is happening now.  Competitive intelligence tells you what your competitors and the market did.  Good competitive intelligence tells you where they’re headed.  Both BI and CI crunch big data […]

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Help IT Understand The Business Impact Of Back End Work To Drive Business Value

A Business Impact Example from the World of Business Intelligence Whether you’re a DBA Wizard or a business user who relies on some mysterious back end where the heavy lifting of computing gets done you are swimming in data.  But all too often the data wranglers we rely upon to keep systems performing under peak […]

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Fall 2013 Job Trends Show Focus On Maintaining Existing Business Rather Than Growing New Business

Hacking hiring data is a fun hobby.  The trends show activities and may (sometimes) indicate where we’re headed.  Either way, understanding what businesses are looking for gives some insight into what their collaboration and social business needs are (or will be). Looking at the top job titles for the top industries according to Indeed Trends […]

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SharePoint Slump

Check out the graph from Indeed trends.  Sharepoint job openings / needs are at their lowest point since 2008.  There are several ways to interpret the chart.  It could mean that: 1) we’ve reached sharepoint saturation and business are happily using it with loyal and skillful administrators/developers to keep it running  OR 2) SharepPoint is […]

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10 Steps for Social Competitive Intelligence

Here is a quick, real life example for how to estimate your competitor’s event marketing budget and get a hint as to when they’re going to launch a new product or service in 10 steps: 1)      List your key competitors. You know your market and the main players in your space so make a list. […]

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Social Competitive Intelligence

Traditional Competitive Intelligence is in a rut.  Books, websites, whitepapers and presentations all echo the same techniques and priorities that defined the practice 10 years ago.  Research public filings, read credentialed analyst reports, talk to employees and former employees if you can, be careful of blogs they might not be trustworthy.  Social media?  Be extra […]

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Thinking of Going Independent? Here is How To Put a Value on You

Work is increasingly something we DO and less someplace we GO.  Combine employment trends with the ability to deliver expertise from anywhere with a phone and internet connection and we have a trend in independent contracting.  Organizations like FIELD NATION are leading the way when it comes to combining a jobs marketplace with a business […]

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