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Thinking of Going Independent? Here is How To Put a Value on You

Work is increasingly something we DO and less someplace we GO.  Combine employment trends with the ability to deliver expertise from anywhere with a phone and internet connection and we have a trend in independent contracting.  Organizations like FIELD NATION are leading the way when it comes to combining a jobs marketplace with a business […]

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5 Reasons QR Codes TOP NFC and Image Recognition

QR codes, those blocky squares of encoded information, have received a drubbing in the media lately.  This is due to an appalling failure of businesses to use them correctly and a lack of design creativity that is simply lazy. Flying to speak to a conference in San Francisco earlier this week I counted 21 QR […]

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Wish You Were Here – Social Consumer Engagement

Social Media has exploded in recent years.  However the maturity and sophistication with which organizations engage with consumers through the social tools still leaves much to be desired.  Executives see this in the lack of social media ROI.  Marketers see this in the difficulty of converting fans and followers into advocates and customers. Social CRM […]

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Social Business Conference in Review

Check out Daniel O’Leary, VP, Global Solution at LincWare’s review of the AIIM Social Business Conference. The great thing about this conference is that you can still see the presentations, get the slides and engage with the resources.  Check it out.

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Should I Go Mobile? Am I Cool Enough?

Yesterday AIIM International had their Social Business Conference. I spoke on the huge shift to mobile computing and its impact on business. Here is the slideshare of my presentation. Each slide has data citations in the speaking notes. If you cannot see those here, check out the full version on Whitepaper coming soon!

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Should I Go Mobile Q&A

In case you missed the AIIM Social Business conference, here is the Q&A from my session, “Should I Go Mobile? Am I cool enough?” Question:  I see that you have outlined the 3 kinds of users that Google and others have identified, and those make sense.  But are there any other or alternate types of […]

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AIIM Social Business Conference

I’m speaking about the mobile shift in AIIMs upcoming Social Business Conference.   If you have not yet signed up, you should.  There is a host of simply amazing presenters – experts, mavens, thought-leaders all.  Drop a comment if you want to know how to get a $20 discount.  I’m not paid, the funds to AIIM […]

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Oracle Fatwire Integration Q&A Redux

During today’s webcast meeting where Oracle and Fatwire Product Management executives outlined integration plans we had a chance to participate in QA.  While my questions did not get answered many other questions were answered.  In writing.  In the chat window.  Which I was able to capture. (see my writeup on the webinar for my list […]

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Oracle and Fatwire Integration

The Oracle integration plans with Fatwire were presented to the public today in a webcast by Oracle VP of Product Andy MacMillan an Fatwire SVP of Marketing and Product, Loren Weinberg.  The Replay is available here.  Here is my take on what they presented. “Fatwire is the cornerstone of the functionality that makes up ‘WebCenter […]

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Upcoming BloomThink Speaking Engagements

Come hear and Principal BloomThinker Billy Cripe.  Going to be there?  Drop me a comment and let me know! AIIM Social Business Conference September 8, 2011 11am – 5pm EDT Virtual Conference  – online Topic: ECM & Mobility Cruise World 2011 November 2 – 5 Fort Lauderdale, FLA Topic: Going Mobile for Travel

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